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Welcome to Advisory!

The mission for all Advisory teachers is to build relationships with students and prepare them for post-high school life. To do this, students will work through lessons from the Character Strong curriculum that will help them navigate social life and emotional needs. They will also be guided on a four year journey to complete their High School and Beyond Plan (scope and sequence below). 

The second function of Advisory for our students is to work on study skills and coursework. Every Advisory period is 80 minutes, and the second half is for Sentinel Success Time (SST). Students will be able to work on academic items either in a study hall environment or with specific teachers to be tutored or assisted.  

In order to build relationships and chart growth, students will stay with their advisory teacher for all four years. Passing Advisory is required for graduation. If you have any questions please contact your student’s advisory teacher. 

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First page of the PDF file: BSD_ADV_9-12